KNS International is a close-knit team who first made its mark in the retail arena in the early 2000’s and has blazed trails in the e-commerce arena since. We began as a small retail family company selling wholesale designer products until we made the shift to a prosperous e-commerce leader paving the way in fashion apparel, jewelry and home categories.

That being said, we know that where you’ve been determines where you’re going, and continuing on our journey we never forget our home-grown roots and values of community support, team collaboration and passion for quality and innovation – which continues as the driving force propelling every aspect of how we do business today.

Exceptional Growth

Our very own nationally recognized brands have awarded us with a wide customer base and over a dozen client partnerships that strengthen our ability to facilitate quality products and premium branding that effectively reaches each customer.

We are 70 employees strong with room to expand! We’ve outgrown ourselves in the last few years which resulted in upgrading from a 6,000 sq. foot space to our sprawling new facility triple in size.

And what had started out as testing a few different categories has now blossomed into a growing catalogue of products with over 5 different categories and counting. This means that we are ready to forge forward with exciting growth opportunities, including new positions within the company that are aimed at more focused expertise in each department.

"None of us knows as much as all of us."

    The Sky is the Limit

    Humble beginnings that ultimately led to our growth and success have flavored the motivations behind everything we do here at KNS.

    We know you are only as good as the people around you! And not only do we value our team, customers and partnerships, but we also strive to give back to the communities around us.  We are on a mission to make a difference with continuing philanthropic efforts that focus on helping in various ways. From providing local charity, disease awareness and protecting our environment we are committed to growing and supporting our surrounding communities.